I hope you are as happy as this small dog going down a big slide at an amusement park.

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Cloudflare is withdrawing its security services from far-right extremist site 8Chan, where the recent El Paso mass shooting was announced. www.theregister.co.uk

In America now, people use insulin intended for dogs and fish antibiotics, because they can’t afford human medicine. www.theguardian.com

Kids set up lemonade stands to pay for family members’ medical treatment.

GoFundMe is the digital version of going downtown to beg for money with a cup and hand-lettered cardboard sign.

One quarter of Americans say they don’t ever expect to be able to retire.

And the news media sells all this as inspiring stories of perseverance.

Also: "Breaking Bad" could never have been set in Canada, or anywhere other than the US, because Walter White would have gotten affordable healthcare.

Mitch McConnell fought to get more money into politics

“Darth Vader Has Arrived.” McConnell has made it a mission to let lobbyists spend limitlessly and anonymously. (Embedded podcast)

If the thought of big business and rich people buying politicians doesn’t bother you, consider that thanks to McConnell and his allies, North Korea, China, al Qaeda and, yes, Russia now also have the right to make unlimited, anonymous donations to American campaigns.


Apple is stepping up R&D spending for the post-iPhone era, but it still isn’t spending anywhere near as big a portion of its budget on R&D as Microsoft and Google do www.cnbc.com

“Mass shootings are by now a standard part of American life. Preparing for them has become a ritual of childhood. It’s as American as Monday Night Football, and very nearly as frequent.” kieranhealy.org