We watched the first episode of "Years and Years" A little light comedy before bed.

Japan was doomed to lose World War II before it even began, but saw itself as having no choice. American economic sanctions meant that Japan was going to lose its empire. On the Hardcore History podcast. www.youtube.com

Four hours but it flew by. Dan Carlin is a terrific podcaster and history teacher.

Proud Boys, Outnumbered By Anti-fascists, Get Police Escort After 30-Minute Rally www.huffpost.com

Many counterprotesters wore costumes to the rally. There was a person dressed as a unicorn and a brass band dressed as bananas. It was a tactic, a PopMob organizer told HuffPost, meant to disrupt the “toxic masculinity riot porn” the Proud Boys produce after these rallies for propaganda purposes. 

Whatever videos the Proud Boys might post from the day’s events, there’d be, for example, an anti-fascist dressed as a poop emoji in the background. 

‘They love the meanest parts of him’: Conservative writer explains why evangelical Christians stick with Trump www.rawstory.com

Look up! Your streetlamp is watching you: “San Diego has installed thousands of microphones and cameras in so-called smart streetlamps in recent years as part of a program to assess traffic and parking patterns throughout the city.” Instead, they’re being used for police surveillance. On the San Diego News Fix podcast from the San Diego Union-Tribune. player.fm

On the Fresh Air podcast: Crime novelist Laura Lippman discusses her new book, “Lady in the Lake,” set in the 1960s, about a young woman who leaves her marriage, gets a job at Baltimore’s newspaper, and begins investigating the mysterious death of a young black woman. www.npr.org

Lippman talks about her own experience in newsrooms as a reporter, deciding to become a mother in her 50s, and losing her friend Rob Hiaasen in the ‘Capital Gazette’ shooting last year.

David Pescovitz: The town of Porthcawl, Wales “will install public toilets with systems to prevent people from having sex inside including an alarm, doors that spring open, and a water sprayer. It seems the possibility of false alarms makes this a real, er, shitty idea.” boingboing.net

The toilets are wired to detect the weight of more than one person in the stall, or violent movements. Obese people, and disabled people who are prone to falling and require assistance in the toilet say this is discrimination.

Announcement of Tumblr’s sale to WordPress classified as pornography by Tumblr’s notorious “adult content” filter [Cory Doctorow] boingboing.net

Tumblr’s crappy “adult content” filter blocked a post about Tumblr’s sale to Automattic. Another false positive in a string of ridiculous false positives.

Leaked emails show Washington state Rep. Matt Shea endorsed training children to fight in holy war www.seattletimes.com

Washington State Rep. Matt O'Shea is raising a terrorist army of “conservative Christian 'patriots'” to wage “holy war” against Muslim and Marxist “terrorists.”

Cory Doctorow: “Inclusive” tech conference surprises registrees with a demand that they wear an unremovable, chipped surveillance bracelet boingboing.net

The “Abstractions” conference, which focuses on inclusivity, had a policy requiring their attendees to wear RFID wristbands throughout the duration, even while off-premises or in bed.

Conference organizers rescinded the policy under pressure from attendees, who pointed out privacy and public safety concerns that would hit hardest on the underrepresented people that the conference was trying to include.

Amazon has a cadre of sock-puppet Twitter accounts running an astroturf public relations campaign that working in its fulfillment centers is swell and you can go to the bathroom whenever you need to. www.theverge.com

The White House wants to reauthorize a program that let the NSA gain access to logs of Americans’ phone and text records, after acknowledging the program was shuttered for abuse. www.nytimes.com

How to know when you’ve scrolled down far enough in your headline news app: When you hit an article about the benefits of percale sheets.

Dell Flying to 5G Cloud on AT&T-Led ‘Airship:’ Dell is working with AT&T to bring hardware automation to the Airship open source cloud provisioning project. By me on www.lightreading.com