There is a fly or some kind of flying insect in my office. Dog is extremely interested. I would not describe her as entertained — this is serious business!

Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake?

Cars have done more harm than good. We’ve remade our cities and suburbs to give priorities to cars, forcing pedestrians to the edges. Particularly in cities, streets used to be common areas, shared by pedestrians and vehicles together. Now they’re dangerous Road Warrior zones.

Chandigarh, the modernist utopia

Following the partition and independence of India in 1947, the government created Chandigarh, a town that was supposed to be a work of art. They also created a line of chairs intended as inexpensive furniture for the people, that now fetches a high price at auction. (Nice Try, a podcast about the perpetual search for utopian living)

The Queen: Constance

A decade before she became known as the “welfare queen,” Linda Taylor put herself at the center of a different Chicago scandal. Upon the death of gambling kingpin Lawrence Wakefield, Taylor posed as the heir to his sizable fortune. The hearing revealed Taylor’s real identity and opened a window into her troubled past. (Slate Presents: The Queen – The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth)