Our first full day home

It was quite a trip home. We started in Sossusvlei in Namibia. Took a chartered flight to Windhoek, which is the capital of Namibia, and then a commercial flight from Windhoek to JoBurg. That was something like seven hours, including drive time. Chartered flight means a small plane; we were the only two passengers. Took me some getting used to but now I think it’s the only way to fly! Impractical for anything but short hops, alas.

We spent the night at an airport hotel in Joburg, and then spent about four hours touring the city. I am not impressed by Joburg. It seems to me the only reason to go there is economic. Maybe you’re a poor black African from a rural village, looking to get onto the bottom rung of the economic ladder. Maybe you’re a millionaire looking to become a billionaire. I hear parts of South Africa are wonderful, particularly Cape Town. JoBurg does not seem to me to be one of those places.

Then 28.5 hours from JoBurg to home. And I can’t sleep on planes

My routine when traveling to Europe on business is to arrive a day early, in the morning, and force myself to stay up all day until past 7 pm and get out and walk around the city in sunlight Then I crash for about 10-12 hours. This goes a long way to mitigating the worst of jet lag. I had hoped to do something similar yesterday. Instead I slept from 1-7 pm, woke up for 2-3 hours, showered, shaved ate, and went back to sleep until about 5 am. Still, I’m feeling like adjustment to local time is well under way.

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