I hated the most recent episode of Game of Thrones but it has stayed with me all week

Now I’ve completely changed my mind. It’s great TV.

All the flaws are still there but, I can’t shake the image of Dany, who we thought would be a kind and wise Queen, cruelly and unnecessarily firebombing King’s Landing, either on whim or as a strategic decision.

It doesn’t matter why she did it, because that’s not what the episode was about. It was about putting yourself in the position of an average citizen of King’s Landing, a baker or blacksmith, watching your home and children burn because an orphan from across the sea decided she deserved to be queen and has a dragon to back her up.

Think that’s just fantasy? Ask someone who lived in Hiroshima or Syria or the Ukraine or Dresden or a Muslim who lives in China.

The central theme of Game of Thrones has always been that you don’t know who is going to win the game, but you surely know who loses, and those are the regular people unfortunate enough to be caught on the board when the gameplay starts.

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