Progressives should worry more about the odds that Joe Biden will win

Progressives assume Biden will fail on his own. But Biden is doing strong in the polls, and it’s not just name recognition.

Most Democrats are not Progressives. They aren’t paying close attention to the primaries yet. And they like Biden. They think of him as a likable Vice President to a President they liked, says Matthew Yglesias in this article.

For what it’s worth, reading my own Facebook feed, I agree. My middle-aged (like me), moderate Democrat and even conservative friends loathe and despise Trump every bit as much as I do. And yet they are disgusted by what they see as a dangerous move to the far left by the Democratic Party. They’d love to see a BIden candidacy.

The problem for progressives is that Biden is conservative. Or, as his supporters — and those rank-and-file Democrats who aren’t paying close attention — would say, Biden is moderate. More conservative than Obama, who has said he hopes his successor would be more progressive than he was. As Yglesias notes, Obama has said if he head healthcare reform to do over again, he’d go for the single payer option.

As for me: Biden is not my first choice, and I have misgivings about his conservative record, and I’ll probably volunteer for one of his opponents in the primary. But if I wake up one morning in Jan. 2021 and Biden is taking the oath of office, I’m OK with that. I’ll be grinning ear to ear.