The People Who Eat the Same Lunch Every Day

These people are my tribe.

Joe Pinsker at

Nearly every workday for the past five or so years, sometime during the 1 o’clock hour, I have assembled a more or less identical plate of food: Bean-and-cheese soft tacos (topped with greens, salt, pepper, and hot sauce), with baby carrots, tempeh, and some fruit on the side. And almost invariably, I see the same colleague in our communal kitchen, who asks with delight, “Joe, what are you having for lunch today?” The types of bean and cheese rotate, as does the fruit—which depends on the season—but I do not inform my co-worker of these variations when I laugh off her very clever and funny question.

Not just lunch for me — breakfast, dinner and afternoon and evening snacks, taken at about the same time every day. Not the same things, but selected from a limited number of choices. I’m quite satisfied with the food, and it limits cognitive overhead.

This pattern has also been important to my weight loss and health. If I’m making fewer choices, I have fewer opportunities to make bad choices.

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