Howard Schultz says he grew up in a poor, rough place. Those who lived there called it the ‘country club of projects.’ The Washington Post: Howard Schultz seems to have a little truth problem with his childhood. He says the public housing where he grew up was a poor, rough place, but his former neighbors say it was a nice neighborhood where you had to be middle class to get in.

He also claimed to have received a football scholarship to college, which didn’t happen.

Remember that Schultz is supposedly the sane, moderate counterpart to those loonies running as Democrats.

My family and I lived in Canarsie, the neighborhood where Schultz grew up, from when I was 2 years old to 8 years old. I remember it very fondly as a working class neighborhood where kids played safely on the streets all day and neighbors were close with each other. I drove through there with Julie about 15 years ago and was encouraged to see it looked exactly the same, except instead of the Jews and Italians who populated the place when I was a kid, the people were black Caribbeans.

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