Facebook: Where Friendships Go to Never Quite Die

Facebook “has created an entirely new category of relationship, one that simply couldn’t have existed for most of human history—the vestigial friendship. It’s the one you’ve evolved out of, the one that would normally have faded out of your life, but which, thanks to Facebook, is instead still hanging around. Having access to this diffuse network of people you once knew can be pleasant—a curio cabinet of memories—or annoying; if those good memories get spoiled by an old friend’s new posts; or helpful, if you need to poll a large group for information. But it is, above all, new and unusual.”


To me this is the value of Facebook and why I stick with it, despite its problems and the uneasy feeling I have that Facebook may be downright evil. I like being in touch with this crew of former co-workers, high school and college friends and, importantly, people I know through social media and only through social media.

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