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The Complicated Economy of Open Source Software

Open source maintainers often work on their own time without pay, which strains the communities as open source becomes more popular. Funding can help that problem, but creates problems of its own, as priorities become driven by the money.

I see the women’s room, but not the men’s. I ask a security guard, but he does not speak English. At this point, I realize I have two options: The first is to pantomime taking a whiz and hope the guard figures out my question. The other option is continue the search on my own.

For your personal use.

Vibra-Finger Gum Massager for your personal use! The Daily News, New York, May 16, 1960 and The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, June 9, 1952

‘Disturbingly Agile Millennial Thumbs’

Australian journalist Isabella Kwai thumb-types her interview notes using her “disturbingly agile millennial thumbs.” Interesting Mac/iPhone productivity tools here, not the usual stuff that comes up on the usual podcasts and Apple websites. I like that her toolkit is simple.

AT&T: Enterprise Transformation Builds on Network Foundation

Me on

BARCELONA — MWC19 — Just having peanut butter won’t give you a peanut butter sandwich. But you can’t have a peanut butter sandwich without peanut butter.

Similarly, software-defined networking won’t transform your business, but you won’t transform your business without software-defined networking, says Sorabh Saxena, president of business operations for AT&T Business Solutions.

All of this is very metaphysical, but it’s a rule that AT&T Business Solutions lives by. Simply upgrading the network won’t give enterprises a new business model. But enterprises can’t implement a new business model without a modern, software-defined, data-powered network to support it. And that’s where AT&T Business Solutions comes in — it helps enterprise customers virtualize their networks, using the skills and lessons AT&T learned over five years virtualizing its own network, Saxena says.

I have reached that stage of Mobile World Congress where I am convinced I know the Metro like the back of my hand and can navigate without looking at maps or thinking about it. I’m going to end up in Düsseldorf wondering how I got there.

One year at Mobile World Congress a person claimed to be well rested. That individual was dismissed as a liar and braggart and no one ever believed anything they said ever again.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz just straight-out threatened Michael Cohen

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, an outspoken Trump supporter, commits blatant witness tampering on Twitter, threatening to disclose Michael Cohen’s marital affairs to his wife. Republicans believe themselves to be above the law now; they’re committing felonies fearlessly in public.

List of thousands of criminal cops accidentally released under public records laws, now CA AG threatens 2 reporters with legal action for having a copy

California keeps a secret list of thousands of cops who’ve been convicted of crimes, and Attorney General Xavier Becerra is threatening two reporters with jail time for simply possessing the list. The reporters obtained the list, a rogues’ gallery of murderers, drug dealers, domestic violence and sexual assault, legally from the state through a public records request.