Google+’s closing day is April 2

If I’m reading this right, Google+ will stop accepting activity from consumer accounts April 2, and begin deleting them at that time. Deletions will take months.

Google+ will continue as a G Suite service but honestly I’d be surprised if there is any significant activity on that.

What a shitshow. Remember when Google+ was the future of Google? This is an ignominious end.

Lately, I’ve been appreciating Google+ as a platform for sharing. Links are just formatted so nicely when you post them there, much better than Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Easy to read, easy to see images in their proper context. Feh.

1 thought on “Google+’s closing day is April 2

  1. Cass Morrison

    The seamless linking what makes the closing so hard. I wonder why they didn’t just decide to put ads on it.


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