US closes the barn door after Huawei has bolted

Extremely damning report that claims the US’s Huawei ban is driven by desperation over Huawei completely hosing the US in telecoms technology, particularly 5G.

Huawei is spending $20 billion a year on R&D, about four times as much as either Ericsson or Nokia, its only important challengers in the telecoms market. “Huawei’s internal assessment holds that its technological lead in 5G mobile broadband is so wide that the competition has no effective chance of catching up…. ”

“Huawei, moreover, sells equipment much cheaper than either Ericsson or Nokia, and its networks by most accounts are far more reliable.”

And Huawei and China are bringing broadband to Mexico, where the US failed. We can’t even succeed with providing infrastructure, or enforcing a Huawei band, on our own doorstep.

America no longer manufacturers telecom equipment – Cisco got out of the business several years ago – and Huawei’s two Scandinavian competitors are too little, too late, and too expensive. There is little chance that Washington’s efforts to suppress Huawei will succeed. I read this as an after-the-fact response on the part of the US national security establishment to distract attention from their failure to act in time to make a difference.

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