Why Nike’s Woke Ad Campaign Works and Gillette’s Doesn’t

Josh Barro at nymag.com:

Gillette’s new bullying-and-#MeToo–focused publicity campaign, launched yesterday with a two-minute web video, inverts the company’s slogan, changing “Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get” to “The Best a Man Can Be.” In doing so, it takes the “man” out of a dependent clause (“Gillette” is the subject of the original slogan, with an implied “is” to follow) and makes him the main subject.

This is important: Instead of offering the man something, the slogan now asks him to do something. Gillette has spent decades making him the best razors it could; now it’s the man’s turn to deliver.

Whatever this is, it isn’t marketing.

The usual Outraged Conservatives are outraged about this. I suspect these are the same people who are outraged that liberals get too outraged about things mutter mutter mutter Political Correctness.

As for me, I agree with this article: Wrong source for this message.

I suspect I would agree with the sentiment of the commercial. I haven’t been able to watch it. I am having video problems on my Mac today.

However, as I understand it, the commercial admonishes men to stop sexual harassment, rape, bullying and violent aggression, which it identifies as largely perpetrated by men. And I’m against those things and agree that men are mostly the people doing ’em.

But mainly I don’t want to be preached at by my shaving cream.

I don’t even know if the brand of shaving cream I use is Gillette. Ironically in the context of this discussion, I use the shaving cream I use because Julie likes the way it smells.

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