AOC just quoted the Watchmen comic/movie

I so, so love AOC right now.

Some of my (older, male) moderate Democrat friends scoff at her. She’s young, she’s brash, she doesn’t have a record of accomplishments, some of her policy ideas are crazy.

This is missing the point. She’s smart, she’s pulled off an electoral coup, she inspires people and gives them energy. Sure, she’s young and has a lot to learn. And I hope she has a long, successful political career ahead of her in which to learn it. AOC for President … in 2039!

Also, Nancy Pelosi is tough as nails and I so, so love her too right now. She is the person that we thought Hillary Clinton was.

The country can have both AOC and Pelosi. The country NEEDS AOC and Pelosi.

Also, all the national politicians I’m inspired about right now are women. Certainly not Chuck Schumer.

Chuck Schumer is the nerdy kid who talks a good game about standing up to the bully when he’s alone with his nerdy friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. And then in the playground Chuck gives the bully his lunch money even BEFORE the bully asked for it. Feh on Chuck Schumer.

National political men, presumably you have balls. Use them for something other than rubbing up against interns.

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