What Are the France Yellow Vest Protests About? [Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone]

Matt Taibbi says yellow vest protests defy easy narratives. They’re rioting against “centrism” and crossing boundaries of left and right.

“Centrism” is another word for government by and for rich people.

Over and over, a daft political class paternalistically implements changes more to the benefit of donors than voters, then repeatedly is baffled when they prove unpopular.

See: NAFTA, the creation of the WTO and GATT, deregulation of the banking sector, multiple unnecessary wars, tax holidays and other corporate subsidies like bans on drug re-importation, mass construction of prisons during an era of sharply declining crime (coupled with broad non-enforcement of white-collar offenses), and so on.” …

These dolts don’t seem to get that a gasbag like Trump only became a plausible political choice after decades of false promises and misgovernment….

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