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Remembering comic actor Bill Daily, of “I Dream of Jeannie” and “The Bob Newhart Show, ” who died recently at 91

He was a solid professional who was known for always being on time, always knowing his lines, always taking direction and always being liked by everyone around him. The few times I met him, he seemed like the kind of actor who got hired because people just plain liked working with him.

Bill Daily, R.I.P. [Mark Evanier @ News From ME]

Embr Wave is a $300 “personal thermostat” you wear on your wrist

The Embr Wave doesn’t actually change your core temperature; instead it warms up or cools down a spot on your skin to make you feel cool or warm. That sounds dangerous downright dangerous.

Also, $300. Also, looks ridiculous.

I tried this $300 ‘personal thermostat’ that feels like a mini air conditioner on your wrist — here’s what it’s like [Erin Black @ CNBC]