Linkblogging on self-hosted WordPress is too damn hard

Seems like every year I try to move my linkblogging to a self-hosted WordPress installation on And every year I reach the same conclusion: Too much work. Too much fussing with plugins, and having to come up with subject lines for every single post, and figuring out where the link goes. And then the server stops responding a couple of times a week. My hosting provider, WestHost, is no help — NOT RECOMMENDED! I don’t want to spend the time learning WordPress more than I already have, or doing server maintenance, or moving the blog to another host.

So, once again, I’m back to linkblogging on the public web on I’ve been mirroring posts from here to there all along, so this change won’t be a big deal to people following me there. And I also share the same links on, which is where most people who follow me do so, was well as and

I hope not to repeat this experiment again in 2019 — or ever. Not until and unless the technology landscape changes. I would like some kind of self-hosted linksharing platform that doesn’t require maintenance. I don’t think that thing exists, or ever can; self-hosting by definition requires maintenance.

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