McCain was a conflicted figure. He helped create today’s paranoid political climate and the white supremacist GOP, while also fighting against it.

In a famous 2008 exchange, McCain defended Obama against a bigoted woman. But that bigotry was fueled to a large part by Sarah Palin, whom McCain named as his VP candidate. McCain and Palin played good cop-bad cop.

Also, McCain failed to point out that being an Arab is not something that’s wrong. It’s just an ethnic group, like Italians or Irish or Jews or WASPS. And there are, I bet, more Arab-Americans serving honorably in the US military than are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

Later, McCain spoke out against Trump, but he voted the Republican party line much of the time. And in his last months, rather than resigning office so the Senate seat would be up for election, he held on so the seat would be held by a Republican appointee. He put his party above his state or country. As Republicans today do.

McCain did significant evil in his time in elective office, but he also did significant good. I’m not mourning him today, but I’m not inclined to shit on those who are.

The Real Story Behind John McCain’s Famous Campaign Rally Moment, Carla Herreria/HuffPost

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