I’ve been getting several robo-spam phone calls daily for the last few weeks. They seem to be coming from my area code and exchange, (619) 402-XXXX.

On the one hand, it’s a pain in the ass.

On the other hand, as robocalls go these are easily filtered. If I see a call coming in from (619) 402, I just reject it.

Telemarketing is a perfect microcosm of the failure of our current system of government and economy. The only people who like telemarketing are the very small segment of the population that makes money off it. These people are basically stealing other people’s property, same as if I came into your house and borrowed your car for a while without your permission. Everybody else in the world hates telemarketers. In a functional democracy, telemarketing would have been banned instantaneously, the moment it began – but we do not live in a functional democracy, and so telemarketing has lingered and festered for 25 years.

Related: For the past few years, when strangers start a conversation with me, I generally assume they want money from me, so I greet them with a cold, hostile face. So maybe telemarketing isn’t such a trivial issue after all, in that it contributes to alienation from each other.

Same for email. I just got an email from a stranger commenting about a blog post I did on weight loss. I got a warm feeling for a second, but then I saw it was a robo-generated message from someone who wanted me to add a link to their report on dieting – SEVEN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TIPS! When I get email from strangers, I assume it’s someone who wants me to send them money, or do something that will help them make money. If I get an email from a stranger, my finger is hovering over the delete key before I even start to read it.

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  1. Coyoty

    Those phone numbers are spoofed to look like they come from your exchange. They’re trying to trick you into thinking someone you might know is calling with a new number. The same robocallers hit me with IDs with my exchange in the number.


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