So this happened

I went to the doctor for a checkup (strong like bull). He wants me to get a flushot in the pharmacy in the lobby – not our usual pharmacy but alrighty that’s fine. At the pharmacy, we run into an insurance problem – insurance company says it’s expired though I know it is not because we get prescriptions filled (at our regular pharmacy). I go through my wallet and give the desk person other insurance cards – I do not throw out insurance cards because they confuse me, but apparently pharmacies are not impressed by the number of insurance cards you have; you need to have the right one. I text Julie and now she is looking for insurance cards too. 

As this is going on I get a phone call from an unidentified 800 number. Usually I ignore phone calls from unidentified 800-numbers; I figure they are either spam or scams. But I think this one might be insurance-related, so I take it. It is not insurance-related; it is my credit card company letting me know they detected fraudulent activity. 

So now I’m dealing with that, while Julie is looking for a functional insurance card, and the woman at the pharmacist is waiting for the whole thing to be resolved. 

And I’m thinking, have I died and gone to the Beetlejuice afterlife?

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