Our neighborhood Little Free Library

I ended up this summer with one spare copy each of “Walkaway” by Cory Doctorow, and “The Collapsing Empire,” by John Scalzi. I put them on my bedroom bureau, intending to donate them to the local public library, but I never got around to it.

Then one night walking the dog with Julie this week, she commented that one of the neighbors had put up a Little Free Library. Oho, I said, and next time I was walking the dog I brought the books and dropped the books in the box.

And now here is why I had those spare copies: Over the course of the beginning of the year, I started wondering if I would enjoy reading paper books. I’ve been an ebook-only guy since 2010. I just plain like ebooks – they’re portable, and because I can read them on my phone, they are literally always with me. But I hear my book-reading friends raving about the pleasures of print books, and I figured I wanted to give them another try.

And I did, and read about five pages and said do – not – want. Later, I read the ebook edition of “Walkaway” and enjoyed it, and I expect I will soon enough read “The Collapsing Empire” and enjoy that too.

But that left me with two print books to dispose of, and now I finally have, in a way that will not go to waste. And I will have the pleasure of checking on them every day on our walks to see if they’ve gone anywhere.

P.S. MONTHS after buying the two hardcover books, it occurred to me that I could have experimented with print books by TAKING ONE OUT OF THE LIBRARY, thus saving myself some coin. But instead I put some money in the pocket of authors I like, and donated to a Little Free Library, so it’s all good.

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