What does it mean to be a man?

John Robb has said that the opioid epidemic and terrorism are two examples of the collapse of models for manhood. I rejected that at first. Now I think it’s dead right. 

Western women have spent the last 60 years in deep thought about redefining the nature of womanhood. Men have done virtually none of that. And when we try we are often ridiculed or called misogynists, or both. 

That is one way the red-pill/men’s rights/PUA movement is significant. These are men who feel they don’t have a significant model for manhood, and are trying to figure it out on their own.

I went through something similar in my 20s, and found the Robert B. Parker Spenser books extremely helpful. I’m rereading them now, primarily just for fun but I find myself highlighting passages that I’ve nearly memorized over the years.

Ultimately, I think the worst fears of social conservatives might be dead right: Gender is going to become unimportant in the future, outside of romantic and sexual situations.

Similarly for white nationalism in America. Sure, a lot of it is just plain racism with a new name. But it’s also legitimate for white people to ask themselves what their ethnic identity will be now that they are on their way to being a minority in a country they founded.

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