My Immortal: Rose Christo comes forward as the notorious fic’s author

Ajay Romano on Vox: “My Immortal” is “simultaneously an excoriation, a parody, and a celebration of fanfiction and the culture around it.”

Out of an endless sea of bad fanfiction … My Immortal stood out because it contained every hallmark of terrible fanfic, but ratcheted up to 11: a main character who was a blatant Mary Sue, a hilariously defensive author who liked to alternately explain things and argue with readers in author notes, amusing misspellings, and, as the owner of the current _My Immortal _archive puts it, “extreme gothic attitude.” (“I ate some Count Chocula cereal with blood instead of milk.”)

The author, Rose Christo, has revealed herself, and been confirmed. She was a troll who was using the fanfic community – a former foster child who wrote “My Immortal” as a way of finding her lost brother.