Karl Rove on why William McKinley’s Presidential election still matters

Karl Rove discusses the Presidential election of 1896, when the US started out divided – much as it is today – and was then united by Willlam McKinley.

Trump could have been that kind of uniter, but flubbed it with a divisive inauguration speech, Rove says. And Trump has just kept on going.

Even though there’s no love lost between Rove and Trump – Trump has publicly called Rove incompetent – Rove is being charitable to Trump here. Trump never had it in him to be a uniter. Trump is small and mean. He’s a D-list celebrity who has coasted through life on inherited wealth and connections from his Klansman father.

Trump will leave no legacy, Rove says.

Rove dismisses Steve Bannon as a small-timer who left the White House to run the 400-something-th most influential site on the internet. Or maybe it was 200-something: I don’t remember. Point is that Breitbart isn’t a top 10 influencer — not even close.

Rove is like Pat Buchanan, someone whose politics I don’t agree with, but who comes across in interviews as charming and as an insightful political observer.

A Conversation with Karl Rove (BackStory podcast)