I tried two new ways of making coffee today and nobody had to go to the emergency room so that’s a success.

EXPERIMENT 1: In the kitchen sink, we have a super-hot water tap that dispenses water at nearly boiling temperature. Not boiling but nearly boiling. With coffee, you’re supposed to use nearly boiling, rather than boiling, water. I decided to try that tap with the French press.

Rather than measuring the water, I put the kitchen scale in the sink and the French press on top of the scale and weighed the water as it went in. 1 g of water = 1 ml so that’s easy enough.


Coffee quality: Drinkable if a little harsh. Possibly I used too much coffee or let it steep too long. I’m still working on the ratios. Plus, the coffee I’m using is not the best.

Mess: Slightly less clutter, because I’m using fewer containers compared with boiling water separately and measuring it . So that’s a plus.

Trips to the emergency room: 0

EXPERIMENT 2: Just when I was coming in the house for my second cup of coffee, I looked out the front window and there was a package waiting for me, just the right size and shape to be the Aeropress, which is exactly what it was. So I made my second cup in the Aeropress, following the instructions in the package, which were confusing to read but straightforward and easy when you’re actually doing them.

The Aeropress instructions said use fine drip roast. I set the dial on the burr grinder to the middle setting, which appears to be for pourover, according to the cryptic icon on the dial.

The Aeropress instructions said to use one scoop of ground coffee, using the scoop that came with the package. I just guessed and set the grinder to five seconds.

I filled up the Aeropress chamber using the super-hot water tap in the sink, and overshot the mark because I couldn’t see what was going on; I filled it to the 3 rather than the 2 mark. Which is no big deal because if I’m reading the Aeropress instructions right, they’re for making coffee concentrate, rather than coffee per se; if you want a cup of American-style coffee, you’re supposed to add hot water.

Even filling the Aeropress with 50% too much water, the resulting coffee smelled really strong, so I diluted with more super-hot water.


Coffee quality: Too weak. I need to fiddle with the grind settings, amount of coffee, and amount of water. And use better coffee once I’m done with the current batch.

Mess: As advertised, the Aeropress cleanup is dead easy. Pop the disk of coffee grounds into the trash, rinse everything off and you’re done.

Trips to the emergency room: 0.

CONCLUSION: I’m sticking with the Aeropress for a while, and may make myself a third cup of coffee today because the second one doesn’t really count.