Four months later, we’re done with the bathroom remodel.

We were NEARLY done the end of June, with a few hours’ worth of work left to do, but in the way of contractors, they kept putting it off. Finally, one of the workmen came yesterday and finished up those last touches.

Later in the afternoon, I went in the yard and tore down the dog enclosure I’d set up so that Minnie would have a place to hang around outside while the workmen were coming and going. Minnie now has the run of the whole yard again.

I also picked up some poops in the yard; I may or may not have been slacking off on that while the work was under way.

The dog bed is back in its place, and over the next few days we’ll move furniture back into the bedroom and back halls and other areas we cleared out while the work is underway.

I am really glad to put this behind us.