“I spent a sleepless night on Cabin’s sleeper bus” [Lexy Savvides/CNET]

I was intrigued and excited by Cabin when I first heard about it. It’s an overnight sleeper bus that runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles, designed to be like a nice hotel on wheels. The interior looks like the Pullman cars on trains that you see in old movies.

I thought it would be great for me not to have to spend overnight in a hotel if I just need to do a meeting or two up in the Bay Area.

But the more I hear about Cabin, the less it seems like something for me. For one thing, I’d have to get to LA first, and that’s a 2.5-hour drive. I thought I might be able to take Amtrak up, but that doesn’t look like it’s practical. Also, how do I shower in the morning?

Maybe if they start doing a round-trip between San Diego to San Francisco I’ll give it a try.