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Praising the savory breakfast

John Thorne at the Los Angeles Times:

There are many otherwise entirely decent people who believe there is something odd, even low-class, about eating a plate of sausages in the morning. Show up at the office with a sack of jelly doughnuts or sticky buns and everyone is your friend. Arrive with a takeout container heaped with fried country ham with red-eye gravy and no one wants to know you.

“That stuff isn’t good for you,” they whine, as if the box of assorted doughnut holes set by the coffee machine were some sort of health statement. (If you breakfast on wheat germ whipped up with soy milk and papaya chunks, go ahead and throw your stone.) Of course, it’s not just the cholesterol that bothers people. The fact is, Americans overwhelmingly prefer their breakfasts sweet rather than savory.

But I am a savory breakfast eater. And the truth is, if you want to eat the sort of breakfast I do and avoid social ostracism, you had better crawl off to some greasy spoon and eat it out of sight.

‘Black Minds Matter’ under fire from conservative group

Gary Warth at The San Diego Union Tribune:

A coalition of conservatives and some civil rights activists is calling on San Diego State University to withdrawal its support of a doctoral class inspired by Black Lives Matter.

“Now we want to give them taxpayer dollars to train educators on how to indoctrinate our children?” organizer Craig DeLuz said in a press release Tuesday. “That’s insane.”

SDSU professor of education J. Luke Wood developed the course, Black Minds Matter, and said its purpose is not indoctrination, but rather to educate future teachers about how to make black male students more successful in school.

“Our goal is to change the paradigm as to how educators view their role,” he said, adding that doctoral students will learn about challenges black male students face and strategies that can help them succeed.

The course will be taught to SDSU students studying to become education professors, or teachers of teachers. Wood said interest in the course has been so high that he’s also creating a free public course that will allow people to watch the first hour of each class online.

DeLuz, a trustee in the Robla School District in Sacramento, said he heard about the course through a Facebook post….

What do you want to bet the Facebook post is the entirety of DeLuz’s knowledge about Wood and what he is teaching?

‘Remember, we only kill black people,’ Georgia police officer told a woman — on camera

Lindsey Bever at The Washington Post:

A Georgia police officer has been accused of making racist statements to a woman during a traffic stop, telling her that the police officers “only kill black people.”

Dash-cam video shows the Cobb County officer, who has been identified by local news organizations as police Lt. Greg Abbott, standing outside a vehicle during a DUI traffic stop in July 2016.

The woman, who was a passenger in the vehicle, can be heard telling the officer that she did not want to put her hands down to reach for her phone because “I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops —.”

“But you’re not black,” he interrupted. “Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen black people get killed? You have.”

Not too long ago I would have been eager to join an Internet hate-mob eager to condemn the officer as an evil racist asshole.

Now I just want to know more. What’s this guy’s record on race relations?

It’s hard to imagine any circumstances where this cop is NOT a racist asshole. But maybe he isn’t.

Defending Indiana Jones, Archaeologist

Max Gladstone,

Jonesian archaeology looks a lot different from the modern discipline. If Jones wanted to use surviving traces of physical culture to assemble a picture of, say, precolonial Peruvian society, he’s definitely going about it the wrong way. Jones is a professional fossil even for the mid-30s—a relic of an older generation of Carters and Schliemans. Which, if you think about it, makes sense. By Raiders, he already has tenure, probably gained based on his field work in India (Subterranean Thuggee Lava Temples: An Analysis and Critical Perspective, William & Mary Press, 1935), and the board which granted him tenure were conservatives of his father’s generation, people who actually knew Carter and Schliemann—not to mention Jones, Sr. (I’ll set aside for the moment a discussion of cronyism and nepotism, phenomena utterly foreign to contemporary tenure review boards…)

Jones is the last great monster of the treasure-hunting age of archaeology…..