Long Island crime is at a 50-year-low

WhIle Trump claims Long Island neighborhoods are “blood stained killing fields,” in reality crime there is lower than it has been for a half-century, says Kevin Drum.

Trump may believe what he’s saying. Remember, even before he became President, he lived in a billionaire bubble, informed only by Fox News. He never got to see what the actual streets are like, because he only ever went out into them surrounded by bodyguards and staff. He’s never gone to the supermarket, or to a convenience store to buy bread. He and Melania have never piled into a couple of cars to go out to a diner for dinner with the kids and grandkids.

And Trump’s audience isn’t Long Islanders, who know what he’s saying is lies. They’re midwesterners who live in all-white communities, for whom New York is as alien and hostile as the surface of Mars.

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