Ian Welsh: Steve Bannon is a nasty nativist and the only person with sense in the Trump Administration

A common theme in Welsh’s writing is that even a bad presidential administration like the Trump White House will occasionally do good, and should be recognized and supported when it does. Here, Welsh recognizes Bannon for favoring a 45% top tax rate and pushing to regulate Google and Facebook:

Bannon, says Welsh, “is the only one [in the Trump White House] who wants ordinary Americans to do well.”

I’d amend that to say Bannon wants some ordinary Americans to do well. He believes true Americans are Christians and Jews of European descent. Certainly not Latinos. I’m not sure what he thinks of Europeanized Asians and African-Americans, but I’ll asssume he’s not a fan until presented with significant evidence otherwise.

Also, when American Christianists talk about Judeo-Christian values, as Bannon does, what they actually mean is Christian dominance with Jews kept around because we make good accountants.

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