Roni Jacobson: I’ve Had a Cyberstalker Since I Was 12


Early one evening last March, my best friend saw my name pop up in a text notification on her phone. The message, which appeared to come from my gmail account, read: “felt a bit sad today about how I never made any friends at Emory during my time there. Not one. god I’m a loser. all I’ve got is my hair lol.” She called me as soon as she got home from work. “Are you okay?”
“What? Yeah, everything’s fine,” I answered.

She told me about the text, but even as she spoke we realized what had happened.“Ugh,” I said. “It’s Danny.” My cyberstalker had struck again, this time with a spot on impersonation of me and my neuroses.

Danny (not his real name) has stalked and harassed me, online and off, for almost 15 years — more than half my life at this point. He has used a variety of methods to do so — phone, text, email, Facebook and other social media — updating his tactics with every advance in technology. In the last three years he has also sent dozens, possibly hundreds, of defamatory letters, emails, Facebook and Twitter messages about me to my family, friends, employers, friends’ employers, professional organizations and political offices, including the State Attorney General of New York. (I know because he sent me copies of the letters.)

Chilling. What the hell is wrong with men?

Laws against cyberstalking require the victim have reason to fear for her life. A decade and a half of earnest attempts to sabotage the victim’s career and social life, as happened here, doesn’t qualify.

This article is from early 2016. I did a cursory Google search and haven’t found an update.

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