L.A. Pastor With Two Citizen Children Detained By ICE

Noe Carias came to this country illegally when he was 14 years old. Now he’s a 42-year-old Los Angeles pastor with a US citizen wife, two kids and no criminal record. ICE wants to throw him out of the country for the crime of being brown-skinned and Latino.

Julia Wick reports at LAist:

“He has a U.S. citizen wife and he has two little children,” pastor and community organizer Martin Garcia told LAist. “They own a house, and at this moment the whole family is going to crumble because he was the economic support for the family. It’s going to have an impact.”

“We consider this unfair according to the promises of the administration,” Garcia continued. “They said that they were only deporting people who had major crimes—bad hombres—but not really people without any criminal record.”

“My husband is not a criminal,” Carias’ wife, Victoria Carias, told LAist outside of the Federal Building while her two small children played nearby. “He’s been a good citizen.” 

If you are OK with this, you are a monster.

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