Combining blogging and social media: It’s hard

One school of thought for blogging in the social media era says you should use your blog to create unique content, and publicize it on social media.

I don’t blog that way.

I blog like it’s 1999. I share a lot of links and images, often with comments but often without. Most people do that on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other platforms nowadays. I use those platforms too, but I also like to have a blog that I own and control.

For that kind of thing, it does not seem to make sense to blog and use social media for publicity. If I did that, I’d end up posting a link on my blog, then posting a link on Facebook to the link on my blog. That doesn’t make sense. It’s asking people to click twice. It’s hard enough to get people to click once. (Not that I haven’t thought about doing it.)

But I like to have a place that I own and control, that’s not owned and controlled by Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. That means blogging on WordPress. And also on those other platforms. Cut-and-pasting cuts down on the amount of time that takes, but it still takes time. Automated tools can help, but they’re not really designed to do what I want them to do.

Another way my blogging is different than most people’s: I like to use a queue to space out posts over time. Maybe in the afternoon I’ll take a short break to scan Tumblr and Reddit for midcentury photos. I like to do that and like to share them. I can find and share a dozen photos in that time. Rather than share them all at once, I like to space them out at intervals. Tools like Buffer, Friends+Me, and (on WordPress) Auto Post Scheduler combined with Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) are great for that. They each have their advantages. But they also each have drawbacks that make them not quite right for me.

For years I’ve been hopping from one social media publishing tool to another — Buffer to Friends+Me, to Auto Post Scheduler/SNAP, and back again. I blog at WordPress for a while, stop, and then start again. I’d like to devote that energy more toward learning WordPress and making it do what I want. I’ll use Friends+Me for most of my queued sharing to social media, occasionally using SNAP when I want to publicize something here. As I am doing now.

I sort of know what I want – something like Buffer that works on the WordPress platform and synchronizes with WordPress. But that would take some mad programming skills. Even the simplest possible version of what I’m looking for will require a lot of programming to do. And I don’t know anything about programming. I can’t even write a simple AppleScript.