Doctor Who outrage

I’m seeing plenty of reports that fans are supposedly outraged by casting a woman as Doctor Who.

I went searching for outraged comments. I looked on Reddit, Twitter, the comments section on io9, and even the comments section on YouTube.

I found very few negative comments about the new Doctor. Almost none. Those that were negative argued on grounds of tradition and weren’t angry.

I see plenty of people thinking it’s swell that a woman was cast as Doctor.

I see a lot of jokes, some funny, ridiculing the (apparently nonexistent) troglodytes outraged at a woman being cast as Doctor.

Paraphrasing a friend: There’s plenty of satisfaction in arguing with an idealized version of your opponent. We certainly see this in national politics.

As for me: When the rumors went out that a woman might be cast as the Doctor, I was uncomfortable, on the grounds of tradition. But now that I’ve seen the trailer, I like this actress. I saw her on Broadchurch and liked her there. So I’ll give it a try.

Doctor Who is getting tired after 12 years on the air in this run, and 30-plus years before that. Let’s shake things up and see if we can make it fresh again.