I walked Minnie first thing in the morning today because it was supposed to get wicked hot. I have mixed feelings about that. I like my routine but I also like varying it up. I like being done with exercise first thing in the morning, but I also like the break in my day later in the day. I like getting the blood moving first thing in the morning but I come back wicked hungry.

At about 10:30 am, just as I was getting settled in to work, the power went out. I had only had one cup of tea before it went out so I was in a panic. Fortunately I remembered Starbucks is a thing, and it had power too. So I got some coffee.

When the power went out I was just settling in for my morning news and email sweep, so I just did that on my phone until the power came back on an hour later.

What else happened today? Oh, yes, I forwarded an email to several women co-workers that turned out to have a reference to sodomy not once but TWICE. It was this one Honest to goodness, I’m so used to how potty-mouthed the Internet is that I don’t even notice that kind of thing anymore. Ironically, the essay — and it’s a good one, which is why I forwarded it it — is about women in the workplace who become one of the guys and undermine themselves and other women.

And how is your day?

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