About Seth Rich

Which is harder to believe?

  • Seth Rich was killed in a street crime. Maybe it was a robbery gone bad, maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it was an attempted robbery, maybe the thieves left his wallet and other valuables because they got spooked and ran. Or maybe they left the stuff because they were morons.

  • Seth Rich was killed in a political assassination performed by masterminds who made it look like a street crime, and did it so brilliantly that it was only discovered now. And yet these same ninja assassins forgot to take his wallet — a mistake that nobody who’d ever watched more than one episode of “Law & Order” would make.

(I mean, this is a cliche on every cop show: Cops are looking over a body at a crime scene. “Maybe it was a robbery?” “Nope, he’s still got his wallet and watch on him.”)

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