Returning to Things

Just for the heck of it, in anticipation of Cultured Code launching a new version of the Things app – finally! – this coming Thursday – I fired up Things for the first time in a while. I imported my OmniFocus tasks using Cultured Code’s auto-importer script.

And I like it.

I like being able to use tags to quickly set aside a couple of tasks to do right away. Particularly useful in the late afternoon, when I say to myself, ok, I know I had these 8 items starred for today but what am I really going to get done?

I like the way items with a start date automatically show up in the Today view on that date – but they’re in a separate place, so I can decide whether I really want to start them that day, or kick them down the street a bit.

I like the way Things, unlike OmniFocus, doesn’t care whether I use Projects and Areas of Focus.

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