Minnie’s gastronomic adventure

For breakfast this morning, I microwaved myself a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chicken Margherita. I brought it to my desk to eat at the computer. And I knocked the food off the desk before I’d had a single bite. It hit the floor squarely face down on the carpet next to my desk.

The entire serving of chicken, pasta, and red sauce was now in a pile on my carpet.

No five second rule here.

Well, crap.I was really hungry too.

I picked up what I could pick up with paper towels, leaving about 7% of the meal still on the floor. The residue was a few stray chunks of pasta and about two teaspoons of red sauce soaking into the carpet. 93% of it went into the garbage in my office. It’s a little trash bin, about two feet high. This detail is important. Remember it.

I looked at the remaining chunks of pasta and the red sauce soaking into the carpet and thought how that would be a pain to clean up. And I went into the kitchen and looked at the ingredients listed on the Weight Watchers meal. Yes, it did have onions and garlic, but those were the eighth and ninth ingredient or so. A very small amount.

So I brought Minnie into my office and let her go to it on the rug. And that spot of the rug is now nice and clean. Well, it’s no nastier than the rest of the carpet in the vicinity of my desk.

A few minutes later, I looked in the backyard and Minnie was contentedly lying on the grass with paper towels strewn around her. These were the paper towels I’d used to clean up 93% of the Weight Watchers chicken and pasta.

So now she’d eaten all of that. I didn’t mean to let her have THAT much of it.

She showed no ill effects, and she was due to go to the vet anyway today, for a checkup and routine shots. I brought her in as planned, and discussed Minnie’s breakfast with the vet. The vet said if Minnie had no ill effects by then, she would likely show none at all. Which is what I figured.

The vet said Minnie might have diarrhea. Which is not my problem, because after the vet I dropped Minnie off at Camp Bow Wow for a few days. I’m going out of town; we’re still having bathroom work done, and it’s too much for Julie alone to juggle Minnie, three cats, and the contractors without me around. So Minnie goes into boarding when I’m out of town during renovations.

And that’s been our day so far. How is yours?