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I can’t find solid information about the bright flash we saw in the night sky last night

We were watching TV when the living room window lit up at about 9:15 pm. That window faces southwest. We’re located immediately east of San Diego.

At first I thought the flash was an explosion, but when the seconds passed and we didn’t feel a shock, I ruled that out.

I saw some chatter on social media and skimpy articles on the news, including this on NBC San Diego:

Flashing Lights Seen in Sky Across San Diego.

Dr. Ed Krupp, of Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, said the light might have been an exploding bolide — an extremely bright meteor that unleashes a flash as it explodes in Earth’s atmosphere.

Why Do People Drink So Much Tomato Juice on Airplanes?

Madhvi Ramani at Extra Crispy:

It seems to me that 90% of all tomato juice is consumed on airplanes. Every time I find myself on a flight, I hear at least a few people around me request a tomato juice. This rarely happens in cafes, restaurants or pizza joints. People don’t walk into a Starbucks or McDonalds and ask for tomato juice, so why do they do it on airplanes?

According to a spokesperson from Lufthansa, 1.5 million liters of tomato juice were consumed on their flights in 2015, making it just as popular as beer. In 2010, Lufthansa investigated the science behind this phenomenon and found that tomato juice actually tasted better at dizzying heights. “Due to the changed air pressure during flight, the oxygen content in the blood decreases and the flavors in the aircraft atmosphere unfold differently,” said Andrea Burdack-Freitag, aroma chemist at the Fraunhofer Institute.

For years, my go-to drink on planes was bloody mary mix. Not bloody mary, just the spicy tomato juice.

Reminder magnets to help you keep your life in order

Caroline Siede at Boing Boing:

Etsy shop owner Sergey Alexson sells these incredibly helpful reminder magnets that make communicating with family, friends, roommates, coworkers, or even yourself that much easier. The reversible ReminderMagnets can be used for all sorts of different purposes and Alexson will even modify orders at no extra cost.

More great magnets at Boing Boing and Sergey’s Etsy Shop.