Review: Using AirPods to call federal reps to demand they protect ObamaCare

My AirPods arrived last week when I was out of town. As soon as I got home, after I’d spent a decent amount of time greeting Wife and Pets, I popped the AirPods in my ears to try them out.

I’m quite happy with them. The sound quality is fine, they’re very comfortable, they stay in my ears securely. And I like the integration with my iPhone. When I put an AirPod in my ear, it connects to the iPhone automatically. When I take one out, whatever I’m listening to pauses. When I take both out, playback stops. With my previous wireless headphones, those things took a few seconds of button-pushing and switch-throwing. It was just a minor inconvenience … but an inconvenience nonetheless, and nice to have it removed.

For the first day after I got the headphones, I used them to go about my normal business. I listened to podcasts while exercising, I did phone calls for work, and I called my Senators and Congressional Representative to let them know that I wanted them to continue to fight to protect ObamaCare.

I am pleased to report the sound quality was good on the calls, and I’m quite certain my message went through to my elected representatives. Indeed, my opinion probably carried more weight than other voters’ because, I am an Apple enthusiast, and we’re just better than people who use other technologies.

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