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  1. coyoty

    I have an Oculus Rift. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on it, but when I do, I watch VR animations, films, and music videos, mess with Google Earth VR, and convert and watch 3D TV shows I recorded on TiVo.

    3D shows on the Rift are much better than on 3D TV with polarized glasses. There’s no tinting of the colors, and no loss of resolution.

    The longer VR technology is out, the more experience content providers get providing content. The creators of Gorillaz have started releasing videos in 360 format that look great in VR.

    Providers are learning to incorporate more true VR effects instead of just making films for spherical screens. The producers of the “Ghost In The Shell” movie released a GITS VR experience that was true VR and not 360 video. Short film makers are making VR versions of their works, such as “ABE”, and some are breaking the 4th wall with limited interaction with the viewer.

    In Google Earth VR, you can pretend to be Godzilla and stomp through any city you want. You won’t destroy anything, though, just sightsee.

  2. Mitch Post author

    Interesting! I’ve been arguing with a friend about VR – I’m a skeptic. I can see using it to replace screens though.


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