I fixed an annoying thing that was driving me crazy

The Apple Watch has a feature where it can unlock a compatible Mac. You just walk up to your Mac and it detects the proximity of your Watch and the Mac comes to life and unlocks. It’s nifty, and convenient, and a good security feature too.

Except it stopped working for me after I’d had the watch a few weeks. That was months ago. And every time I unlock my Mac, which is several times a day, I thought: I need to look into fixing that.

I finally did it Saturday. It took a little while. I followed these instructions. The step that fixed the problem was apparently resetting the radios. I put my Apple Watch in airplane mode, then switched airplane mode off again, which switched Bluetooth off and then on. Then on the Mac I toggled Bluetooth off and on again, and did the same for Wi-Fi. That was about the 10th step in the diagnosis checklist, but I’m pretty sure it’s the one that worked.

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