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Review: Using AirPods to call federal reps to demand they protect ObamaCare

My AirPods arrived last week when I was out of town. As soon as I got home, after I’d spent a decent amount of time greeting Wife and Pets, I popped the AirPods in my ears to try them out.

I’m quite happy with them. The sound quality is fine, they’re very comfortable, they stay in my ears securely. And I like the integration with my iPhone. When I put an AirPod in my ear, it connects to the iPhone automatically. When I take one out, whatever I’m listening to pauses. When I take both out, playback stops. With my previous wireless headphones, those things took a few seconds of button-pushing and switch-throwing. It was just a minor inconvenience … but an inconvenience nonetheless, and nice to have it removed.

For the first day after I got the headphones, I used them to go about my normal business. I listened to podcasts while exercising, I did phone calls for work, and I called my Senators and Congressional Representative to let them know that I wanted them to continue to fight to protect ObamaCare.

I am pleased to report the sound quality was good on the calls, and I’m quite certain my message went through to my elected representatives. Indeed, my opinion probably carried more weight than other voters’ because, I am an Apple enthusiast, and we’re just better than people who use other technologies.

While we’re freaking out about the possibility of Chelsea Clinton running for office, can we spare a thought for the actual dynasty of thieves currently occupying the White House?

If I’m going to snack on beef jerky before a meeting, I ought to include breath mints in my travel gear. My breath could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

In my more pessimistic moments I believe both the Democrats and Republicans are farmers.

The American people are their livestock.

The Democrats want to run a nice, organic, free range farm where the critters are happy and healthy. The Republicans want to run a cruel factory farm where the animals are penned in their own filth.

Given the choice between the two, any sane animal would vote for the Democrats … while wishing for another alternative. Because the animals on both farms go to the same slaughterhouse.

Three days of bathroom demolition

This is a hodgepodge of three days of photos. You can see my bathroom as it was Tuesday afternoon, same as it’s been the last few years. I found receipts and meds in there from 2004.

Also, you can see the same bathroom with nearly everything cleared out. Also, Julie’s bathroom, same state.

Then my bathroom and Julie’s bathroom after the first and second day of demolition, Wednesday and Thursday.

Four to six weeks of this to go.


Minnie is in Day 2 of not being allowed unsupervised in the yard while the workmen are here. This morning when I called her inside before she was ready to go, I swear she came up the steps stamping her four feet in frustration as she went.

I expect the writer who thought up the TARDIS had cleaned every single thing out of a bathroom in a house they’d lived in 20 years.

We had some excitement this morning

We’re having our bathrooms remodeled, a six-week process that will involve much disruption.
Also, a HUGE contingent of police arrived on our street to arrest someone.
These incidents are, as far as I know, unrelated.
The contractors arrived to start work on renovating both our bathrooms. They’re doing a hell of a job on the initial destruction part, so far as I can see. We’ll be without showers for the first couple of weeks, so we had to join a gym to use their showers, for which me or Julie had to be physically present.
I ended up being the one to go to the gym to arrange membership – and when I stepped out the front door I saw about ten police cars parked in the street. The cops wouldn’t say what was going on, but based on talking with the neighbors I found that one of the neighbors had found a couple of utility knives and a big screwdriver near his front door this morning. Somehow, this resulted in his handyman being arrested for rape. I’m unclear on the details.
The neighbor involved is a lovely gentleman who lives across the street and just lost his wife of something like 60+ years a few months ago.
And that’s our Wednesday morning.

Doctor Who is back

The show doesn’t seem to be generating the same level of fan excitement as it did in previous seasons. It doesn’t seem to be generating any fan excitement at all.
We watched it. I liked it. I’ll keep watching.
It’s no longer on my “watch right away the night it airs” list, but it’s still on my DVR list.
I liked Bill. I didn’t love her but I liked her. She was annoying in the publicity photos, but she was likable onscreen. How can you find photos annoying? I don’t know. I just did.
It’s a very different tone than the previous two seasons. Almost a reboot.

47 photos of gag gifts and novelties at the Williamsburg General Store, Virginia

Julie and I had a terrific vacation in northern Virginia just after Thanksgiving. We went to Williamsburg, and stopped at the Williamsburg General Store, where I had a great time wandering around and taking pictures while Julie shopped.

I like to imagine the people who would buy the gag gifts. I bet they are great people to be around – a lot of fun.

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I fixed an annoying thing that was driving me crazy

The Apple Watch has a feature where it can unlock a compatible Mac. You just walk up to your Mac and it detects the proximity of your Watch and the Mac comes to life and unlocks. It’s nifty, and convenient, and a good security feature too.

Except it stopped working for me after I’d had the watch a few weeks. That was months ago. And every time I unlock my Mac, which is several times a day, I thought: I need to look into fixing that.

I finally did it Saturday. It took a little while. I followed these instructions. The step that fixed the problem was apparently resetting the radios. I put my Apple Watch in airplane mode, then switched airplane mode off again, which switched Bluetooth off and then on. Then on the Mac I toggled Bluetooth off and on again, and did the same for Wi-Fi. That was about the 10th step in the diagnosis checklist, but I’m pretty sure it’s the one that worked.

Odds of a civil war in the near future?

I’m reading history of the US in the 1850s and it is sure looking like today’s news.

In the first Civil War, like today, the red states had the guns and military so you’d think they’d win. But the blue states had the manufacturing and that turned out to be more important from a military standpoint. But then the red states kept on fighting from within the US and that’s still going on today.

How long will Trump last?

A few weeks ago, I thought Trump was a short-timer. He isn’t interested in the hard work of the Presidency, I thought. He’ll quit. Or he’ll be impeached or his opponents will invoke the 25th Amendment.

The last week of events has changed my mind. Trump is doing fine. He has been absorbed by the Republican Party. He can sit back and be a ceremonial head of state with no real power, but enjoying the adulation of crowds, which is all he ever wanted.

Also, he can rob the United States Treasury and set up Ivanka as a dynasty.

He’ll last as long as his health holds out or until the GOP and his base turns on him.

Trump’s base may already be starting to turn on him, as they realize they’re being betrayed.