What Does Mike Pence Think Happens At Restaurants?

Albert Burnenko at Deadspin

 It describes a world in which women are not individual human beings—witness these men who cannot even imagine a reason why any man might choose to share a meal with a woman he doesn’t intend to fuck—but generic objects of sexual temptation at which men have only very limited power to resist flinging their genitals. It weaponizes women—most especially young, unmarried women—against themselves: I can’t be alone with you, even over some friggin’ nachos, or your presence might cause me to fuck you. Indeed there could be no other reason for us to sit down to a meal together. This is the sort of thing that is being referenced when people use the term “rape culture.”

Also, older, married men still have most of the power in this society, and one-on-one conversations, often over meals, is how younger people get mentorship. If that avenue is closed to women, then that means power and authority is also closed to them, Burnenko notes.

Burnenko additionally points out that there 10,000 steps and decisions between attraction and sex, and every one of them is a conscious choice that either party has an opportunity to walk away from at any time. Actual, married, monogamous grownups do this all the time.

What the hell is with these social conservatives, that they think infidelity is something that happens as easily as tripping over the dog?

You also see this among the homophobic elements of social conservatism, the fear that if homosexuality becomes acceptable then vast numbers of men will “turn gay.” Whereas in reality I have spent the vast majority of my life in circles where homosexuality is already socially acceptable, and still the vast majority of people are heterosexual. That’s what being heterosexual means – you’re just not interested in sex with people the same gender as you.

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