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  1. The Cattle/Hughes mansion referred to in the Wikipedia article belongs to to some relatives of mine. It is located a few blocks from my boyhood home. We walked past it going to & from school, and flew many kites on grounds surrounding it. I was in high school when the mini-series was filmed, a big deal for small town USA.

      1. Yes, it is. I was in the house a couple when I was young. It was occupied by elderly “Aunt Carrie Hughes” at the time, even got to go up to the third floor to see what had once been the servants quarters. The current owners have been doing a very nice job of restoring it, I often drive by it.

        I was just looking to see if the series was available on any of the streaming services, but no luck. I bet the local library has it, though probably on VHS. Would have to resurrect that technology to view.

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