One has to draw the line somewhere, even the line is deep within nerd territory.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who was carrying his phone on a beltclip, which led me to try it for a little while afterward. The phone is more comfortable that way, and more accessible, and I quite like it. Until I see myself in a full-length mirror. And then I can’t. I just can’t. It’s just a big ol’ nerdbrick on my belt.

In my friend’s defense, he was just coming off a major athletic endeavor. When I’m out for my 3 mile walk with Minnie every day, I do wear the phone on a belt clip. When doing athletics, you wear the phone wherever is comfortable, including a belt clip. But the rest of the time no. Just no.

However, carrying the phone in my hip pocket is a little uncomfortable, because the phone is so huge, so I’m experimenting this morning going the other direction, and putting the phone in the velcroed thigh pocket of my cargo pants. This involves using it less, but as I’m at the computer much of the day and have an Apple Watch too, I may not need to have the phone as accessible as I think I do.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of claiming to reject a nerdy appearance while wearing cargo pants.

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