I switched from the Pebble Time to Apple Watch Series 1 two weeks ago. These are my first impressions.

Here’s where I prefer the Apple Watch: Ability to reply to messages from the Watch, use Siri and voice transcription from the Watch, control podcasts from the Watch.

I love the Workouts app — it is the workouts app I have been wanting for a year now, in that it just tracks my workout and doesn’t give me silly motivational messages or provide social features.

My workout consists of walking Minnie for 3 miles. I go out in one direction for a mile and a half, and turn around and come back. The minimum my workout app needs to do is tell me when it’s time to turn around, and when I’m done. The Apple Watch Workouts app does that. It also tells me heart rate and speed. That’s all I want and need. Anything else is clutter.

The activity rings are growing on me.

Battery life? Not a problem. I charge my Apple Watch when washing up in the morning, showering midday and while getting ready for bed, and wear it at all times otherwise, even while sleeping. I did the same with my Pebble Time.

Negatives: I think the Pebble is a better-looking watch. Also, I had problems getting notifications set up properly on the Apple Watch and I’m STILL not getting them from Facebook Messenger.

All in all, I’m glad I made the switch. However, the price tag is steep –something like $350 for the Apple Watch Series 1, vs. $100 or so for the Pebble Time — and the Pebble TIme provides 80% of the functionality of the Apple Watch. Indeed, you can probably get a PT for pretty cheap now given that it’s been sunsetted, and you can almost certainly get a year or two use out of it after that.

Why I bought the Series 1 rather than Series 2: I don’t feel like I need the built-in GPS, and am not interested in using the Watch while swimming. The Series 1 is water resistant enough to wear while washing my hands and doing dishes, and that’s good enough for me.

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