Question for married folks about TV-watching habits

Do you watch TV with your spouse, and therefore NOT watch shows that your spouse doesn’t watch?

I only watch shows that Julie also likes, because I watch TV with her. I don’t like to watch TV alone. I prefer to do other things when I’m alone.

The exception is when Julie out of town. I do watch TV alone then. That’s rare — usually I’m the one that travels.

When Julie is out of town, I generally end up binge-watching something that I want to see but that I haven’t been able to convince Julie to see.

I even keep a list of those shows on my phone. They include: “Westworld,” “House of Cards,” “Mr. Robot,” “Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Silicon Valley.”

Julie is currently out of town and I’m watching “Black Mirror.” Loving it, but have four more episodes to get through, including a 90-minute season finale, and only two days left to do it until Julie comes home.

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