I watch TV almost exclusively with Julie, which means I only watch shows we both like.

Also, sometimes I’m in the room reading when Julie is watching something only she likes. Therefore I have a 1% familiarity with the entire NCIS ouevre.

Julie is out of town this week. When that happens, I watch something Julie doesn’t want to watch. This time, I’ve selected BLACK MIRROR.

It’s as brilliant as everybody says it is, and dark enough to live up to its name. Much of it revolves around themes of how technology and social media put up walls that separate us, deny us intimacy, and rob us of our basic dignity. Which is maybe not the best show to watch when you’re a social media addict at home alone with your iPhone. But now I’m hooked.

If I get through BLACK MIRROR, I may try to watch WESTWORLD. However, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through the whole season before Julie returns. And I don’t want to commit to a continuing series, given that Julie rarely leaves me home alone.

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