I find myself amazingly cheerful about the state of politics

Three reasons I can think of, one contradicting the other two:

  • Trump has surprised us so many times. Maybe he’ll surprise us again and make a good President.

  • For years it’s been apparent to me (and not just to me, either) that American government was rotten at the foundation. Either the building needed extensive renovations, or the whole structure needed to be ripped down. Well, now we’re getting that change. Both major parties are in ruins — the Democrats are without leadership and the GOP has been taken over by an insurgency. I pray that we come out the other side of all this better, and without bloodshed.

  • If you knew you had some disease that would kill you horribly in a couple of years, but that you’d feel fine for a short time, I bet you’d enjoy the hell out of those last days of health. We have 68 days until Donald Trump is sworn in as President.

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